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Alps: Flora, Vegetation, Habitat, Landscape
There are several big websites with information about institutions, events, research projects etc. Strangely enough, there is a shortage of websites covering flora or vegetation of the Alps.
Little Alpine Plant Guide - About 200 Alpine plants of the municipality of Ardez (Lower Engadin, Switzerland). Image database, searchable with name, family, flower type and colour. Each species shortly described and illustrated with a flower picture. (German)
Swiss Web Flora - Distribution maps of all Swiss vascular plants. All maps distinguish between valley and mountain areas above the tree line. (English, French, German, Italian)
Plant Societies of Switzerland - Database with all plant societies of Switzerland (including the Alpine area). In the zone «excursions», about 200 Alpine regions can be found (each with bibliographical references and a list of the plant societies). (German)
Habitat Maps Switzerland - Far more than 100 digital habitat maps for Switzerland (and consequently for the Swiss alpine area) in a 1 km2 grid, which are based on areal statistics, vegetation mappings, and bioclimatic maps. (English, German)
On Lüdi's Trail - Vegetation dynamics at the glacier «Grosser Aletschgletscher»: illustrated introduction. Research project «vegetation dynamics». History of the Villa Cassel. Literature. - Very tastefull design. (German)
Plant Distribution, Climate, and Earth History - Lecture notes about floristic geobotany and history. Part 3: altitudinal zones and flora in the Alps. By C. Scheuer. (German)
List of Biotopes - The «instructions for biotope cartography in Bavaria», contains short vegetation descriptions at «Alps - cartographical units». (German)
Convergences of Cold-Adapted Plants - Plants of the arctic, antarctic and alpine floral regions. Short overview. (German)
CORINE - European biotope typology of the EU. (French)

Alps: Institutions, Organizations
Swiss Alpine Research - Official site of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SAS) with events, publications, institutions, research programs and research projects. Database with full text search. (French, German)
CIPRA International - The International Commission for the Protection of the Alps pleads for an improvement in cross-border exchange of experience and information in the Alpine region. Information on the Convention on the Alps. Carefully edited website. Large link collection. (French, German, Italian, Rhaeto-Romanic)
Network of Alpine Reserves - Information about all (nature) reserves in the Alpine area. Structured link collection. (French, German, Italian, Slovenian)
Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment - GMBA is a worldwide network for biodiversity research in mountains. (English)

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