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Plant anatomy is only sparsely represented on the web. Contributions to certain topics are missing almost completely. There are some general accounts which emerged from anatomy courses. Many of those are incomplete or didactically and organizationally so poor in one or the other way that they are not listed here.
Botany Online - Anatomy of cells and tissues: microscopy, cells and tissues, ground and dermal tissues, supporting and vascular tissues, intracellular structures. (English, German)
Revision Modules in Plant Anatomy - Illustrated revision course in plant anatomy. (Shoot apex and leaves, vascular and ground tissues, primary stems and variations in light harvesting structures.) With glossary. (English)
Plant Anatomy Laboratory - Captioned micrographs and comments from «Plant Anatomy» by J. D. Mauseth. (English)
Course in Plant Anatomy - At the end of the page, there is a link list about the topic. (German)

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