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The following list does not include online journals and bibliographies sold under licence. Many university libraries offer licensed products such as «Web of Science», «Biological Abstracts», and others in the intranet. Corresponding information can be found on the websites of the respective libraries.
Literature Database Vegetation Ecology - 7,600 publications about the flora and vegetation of Central Europe. Fast database with numerous search options. D. Höppner (UB TU Braunschweig). (German)
Electronic Sites of Leading Botany, Plant Biology and Science Journals - Link list with 350 botanical journals. Mainly information about access (publisher, table of contents). The list is steadily updated. (English)
Subject Area Botany - Efficient online catalogue of the university library of Kiel. Large, systematically arranged holdings of specialist literature. (German)
Ökomedia - Literature database with ecological literature (largely daily press). (German)

Bibliographies: Switzerland
Floristic Literature of Switzerland - Database of the «Swiss Web Flora» with 2,200 bibliographical references to floristics, plant geography, and vegetation of Switzerland and neighbouring regions. (English, French, German, Italian)
Literature about Swiss Vegetation - Literature database of «Pflanzengesellschaften der Schweiz». 1,400 titles. Comprehensive account of the contents. (German)
Swiss Floristic Network - The chapter «Literature» includes an alphabetical list with 1,300 titles. (French, German)
Swiss Journal for Forestry - Registers 1937 - 2000. Database with about 5,000 bibliographical references. (Additional register for the period of 1850 - 1936 with 3,500 entries.) (German)
Bauhinia - Register for the journal of the Botanical Society of Basel. (German)

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