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On the web, actual contents in the field «biodiversity» are far more difficult to find than metadata (references to institutions, agreements, projects, etc.).
Biodiversity Informatics in Germany - Stocktaking and perspectives. By W. G. Berendsohn, C. Häuser, and K.-H. Lampe. (German)
Forum Biodiversity Switzerland - Concentrated overview of biodiversity issues in Switzerland (research, databases, collections, institutions). International network. Activities of the forum. (English)
Convention on Biological Diversity - Official website of the Rio Convention. At «Biodiversity Search» and «Related Websites» one can find efficient, highly specialized search engines. (English, French, Spanish)
Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server - Link collection for systematically and organismically interested zoologists and botanists. Varied and partly well organized, partly not. (English)
Conservation and Biodiversity: WWW Resources - Clearly structured, medium-sized link collection focus on botanical taxonomy. By K. Holsinger, Connecticut. (English)
Biodiversity Conservation Information System - International umbrella organization. (English)
BIOMAPS - Biodiversity mapping for protection and sustainable use of natural resources. Project of the University of Bonn directed by W. Barthlott. Methodical information. Global diversity map showing the number of vascular plant species per 10,000 km2. (English)
Biodiversity and Conservation - A hypertext book by Peter J. Bryant. Extensive. Design flaws. (English)

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