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Crop Plants
Dainet - «German Agricultural Information Network» of the Federal Agency for Consumer Protection, Nutrition, and Agriculture. Big web portal with a subject catalogue of information on nutritional science, agriculture, and forestry. (German)
Crop Plants Image Archives - Image database with 7,500 images of 1,500 plant species. Numerous search categories (plant name, medicinal plant, nutrition, technical use, etc.). (German)
Plants for a Future - A wealth of information on applied botany, among other things a database containing 7,000 plant species with very sophisticated investigation possibilities. (English, Spanish)
Australian New Crops Web Site - The «Listing of Useful Plants of the World» with a tremendous literature database on individual crop plant species is based on the «Biological Abstracts». About 250 «Australian New Crops Newsletters» are available in full text format. (English)
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages - Voluminous herb plant encyclopaedia with botanical, chemical, language, and culinary information. Well illustrated and organized website. Founded on great practical experience with solid scientific basis. Extraordinarily well-informed. (English, German)

Crop Plants: Switzerland
CPC - Swiss Commission for the Conservation of Crop Plants. Project information. Databases. Links. (English, French, German, Italian)
Pro Specie Rara - Foundation for the conservation of the genetic and cultural heritage of animals and plants. (French, German)
Fructus - Association for the conservation of the genetic variation of our native fruit species for future generations. (German)

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