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German Agricultural Information Network - The Dainet catalogue with numerous subjects (botany, database retrieval, etc.) or free catalogue search supplies numerous, briefly commented links. Fast. (German)
Swiss Catalogue of Environmental Data Sources - The «CH-CDS» is a search system for environmental information in Switzerland. «Who has which information (data collections, documents, maps, projects, tools, stations)? In what format? Where is it available? How can it be accessed?» 3,700 data collections. 2,600 expert addresses. Slow. (English, French, German, Italian)
Virtual Botanical Reference Library - Comprehensive commented link collection of the library at the botanical garden and botanical museum Berlin-Dahlem, with references to numerous botanical databases. (English, German)
Database of Plant Databases - List including about 150 databases of the International Organization for Plant Information. To a great extent, but not exclusively taxonomic and floristic topics. (English)
Data Bases - List with about 100 uncommented links to botanical databases on the web. Part of «Botany Online». (English, German)

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