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Dendrology: woody plants
The most common forest trees of Switzerland - Beautifully designed site inside the «Swiss National Forest Inventory» at the WSL (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research). With valuable information for laymen and experts. (German)
Tree Veterans - Witty website about old trees, lavishly illustrated. (German)
Wood diseases in words and pictures - Short, illustrated portraits of the most important diseases of about 30 coniferous trees, deciduous trees, shrubs, and dwarf shrubs. Forest botany, TU Munich. (German)
Tree Statics - Theoretical and practical information about tilting and breaking dangers of trees. Office for tree statics. (partially English, partially French, German, partially Spanish)
Juniper - Tree of the year 2002. Tree portrait with numerous aspects. (German)
Austrian Woody Plants - Encyclopaedia with 160 native and naturalized species. Usability for gardening. By E. Herzog. (German)
The Historic Tree Project - Extraordinary trees of the USA on an extraordinarily stylish website. By J. Krueger. (English)
Botanical Image Database - Within the voluminous image database, the topic «woody plants» comprises about 1,200 images of European trees and shrubs: habitat, vegetative and reproductive characters, life cycle, wood. (English, German)
Dendrology - Several course materials for forest botany. TU Munich. Only limited usability. (German)

Dendrology: bibliographies, link collections, institutions
Swiss Journal for Forestry - Registers 1937 - 2000. Database with about 5,000 bibliographical references. (Additional register for the period of 1850 - 1936 with 3,500 entries.) (German)
Forest & Tree Pathology - Extensive, comprehensive commented link collection within the «Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book» (see main menu, left border). Topics: Forest & Tree Pathology from A to Z, Gypsy Moth Pages. By T. Kraska, Bonn. (English)
German Dendrologic Society - General Information. Some publications in full text. Monograph holdings. Dendrological link collection. Clearly structured. (English, German)
Swiss Dendrological Society - With «Arboretum Aubonne» and «Swiss Library for Dendrology». Links. (French, German)

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