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Life Science Dictionary - Extensive dictionary including numerous links to biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology, and genetics. BioTech, University of Texas. (English) 8,300
Dictionary of Botanical Epithets - Precise etymologcial explanations of common species epithets. (English, Greek, Latin) 4,500
Garden Web Glossary of Botanical Terms - Very fast database including 4,400 terms. Alphabetical, but no thematic list. (English) 4,400
Glossarium Polyglotum Bryologiae - Spanish glossary (focus on mosses) with taxonomic and general morphological expressions. Explanations in Spanish. (English, French, German, Latin, Spanish) 1,200
Vascular Plant Systematics Glossary - Well thought-out, logically structured glossary on morphology and systematics of vascular plants which also can be freely searched at «query the chapter». High-grade schematic drawings (unfortunately JPEG instead of GIF and therefore up to 150 kB). (English) 1,000
A Short Botanical Glossary - Brief explanations in note form. By J. Croft. (English) 950
Fungi of Australia - Glossary - Fungi glossary of the «Flora of Australia». (English) 820
Glossary - The official dictionary for the flowering plants volumes of the «Flora of Australia». Alphabetical list including links to related expressions. Schematic drawings. (English) 800
Cumulative Glossary for Vascular Plants - Flora of New South Wales. Very similar (or identical?) to A Short Botanical Glossary. (English) 790
Extended List of Botanical Terms in Alphabetic Order - Brief term explanations with etymological information. (English, Swedish) 650
Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology - A complete dictionary of palynology. All expressions with brief definitions, schematic drawings, bibliography, and cross-references. to synonyms or related terms. By P. Hoen. (English) 500
Lichen Glossary - Lichen glossary of the «Flora of Australia». (English) 400
Ferns, Gymnosperms & Allied Groups - Glossary - Gymnosperm and fern glossary ot the «Flora of Australia». (English) 330
Glossaries, Terms & Dictionaries - Commented link collection with references to 24 glossaries (mainly, but not exclusively phytopathology). Part of the «Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book». By T. Kraska, Bonn. (English) (24 links)

Botanical Dictionaries, Glossaries: German Terms
On the web, there is obviously no general, botanical glossary in German.
Hypertext Dictionary - German-English dictionary for the online textbook «Botany Online». Not a real glossary, but an extensive bilingual registry (including plant names) which is linked to corresponding passages of the textbook. By P. von  Sengbusch et al. (English, German) 15,000
Wood Dictionary - Dictionary for the timber industry. By A. Engels. (German) 330
Forestry Glossary - Brief expression definitions including information on French and English equivalents. Beautifully designed. (German, French, English) 250
Nature Conservation Glossary - Carefully edited, alphabetical lists on biology (100), biotopes (10), law (10), and internet (10). By H.-J. Martin (German) 130
Glossary for Landscape Gardening - Short, competent definitions, illustrated with small, but high-quality images. By R. Janaszek. (German) 130
Nature Conservation Glossary - Part of NafaWeb (Baden-Württemberg). (German) 100

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