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Worldbiomes - The five most important large biotopes: water, desert, forest, grassland, tundra. (English)
On the Ecology of Deciduous and Mixed Forests - By M. Payer. (German)
Agricultural Fallows - Influence of phytophagous insects on structure and dynamics of an agricultural fallow. Thesis by M. Schädler. Also available as full text version (PDF, 868 kB). (German)
List of Comprehensive Autecological Accounts - Species list with direct links to databases and literature quotes. (English)
Tropical Ecology Support Programme - Research project of the German Society for Technical Collaboration in the areas tropical forest research, tropical ecological research, and guaranteeing of reserves. (English, French, German, Spanish)
Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland - With small link collection about national and international professional associations. (German)
Biological Flora - Directory of the species dealt with in the «Journal of Ecology». (English)

Ecology: Link Collections
Ecology WWW Page - Extensive ecological link collection by A. R. Brach (Missouri and Harvard). Alphabetic, uncommented. Mirros sites: Lyon, Harvard. (English)
Google Web Directory - Thematically organized web directory with about 1,000 links in the section Ecology. (English)

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