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Electronic Libraries
«Electronic libraries» contain digitized versions of printed texts. There are large collections for literature/fiction of this kind, but currently only few botanical works are available.
Botanical Classics on the Internet - Digitized books by Darwin, Geheeb, Haeckel, Köhler, Lindman, Mendel, Ralfs, Scheuchzer, and Thomé. (several)
Stüber Library - Three dozen botanical «classics» as full text version. (English, German)
Botany Online - Botanical textbook, originally in printed form, now as hypertext. Significantly developped further. (English, Geman)
Tabernaemontanus, 1625 - Texts and woodcuts from the herbal book by Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus (1625). (German)
Dioskorides - German translation of the five books about «pharmaceutics» by Dioskurides. (German)
Leonhard Fuchs - Stirpium historia, 1545. Contains mainly the hand-coloured woodcuts as 800 kB - 1 MB GIF files. (German, explanations in English, Latin)

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