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Ferns of Westphalia - Glossary, identification key, red data books, indicator values, and illustrated species encyclopaedia. (German)
Alternation of Generations of the Higher Terrestrial Plants - Course by Th. Stützel, including a portrayal of the ferns. (German)
Cold-Hardy Tree Ferns - Outdoor culture of tree ferns: climatic conditions, winter shelter, illustrated species encyclopaedia. (English)
American Fern Society - Access information. Short introduction with cladograms. (English)
Fern Identification Database - Database about British ferns. (English)
Swiss Association of Fern Lovers - (German)

Ferns: regions outside Central Europe
Complete Ibero-balearian Species List of Pteridophytes - Species list with short distribution information. (Spanish)
Ferns of Tasmania - Identification key, short diagnoses, distribution and stand information. Some illustrations. (German)
Ferns of the Canberra Region - Habitat conditions, descriptions, species list, images. Very carefully designed. (English)

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