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World Species List - Animals, plants, microbes. Links to species lists available in tabular form (no databases). Sorted according to several criteria (countries, taxa, endangering, etc.). Quite extensive, but incomplete. Focus on USA. (English)
Flora Europaea - Database in Edinburgh with 11,000 species (valid name, synonyms, brief distribution information). Functional, ingenuous. (English)
National PLANTS Database - Website of the United States Department for Agriculture (USDA). Behind the chaotic surface (presumably) huge ressources are hidden. (English)

Flora: Germany, Austria
FloraWeb - Data from the Federal Agency for Conservation (Germany) about wild plants and vegetation of Germany. Information and photos of wild plants, red data books, conservation, and plant communities. Large data compilation from different sources (without synthesis). Interface consistent, but extravagantly designed. Functionally quite limited and slow. (German)
Botanical Online Information System Salzburg - Digital flora database for the state of Salzburg (Austria). Distribution maps and photos of higher plants in Salzburg. Moss distribution maps for Austria. Literature and link collection. (German)
Floristic List of Baden-Württemberg - List of the fern and seed plants. Full text version of the report (486 pp.) by K. P. Buttler and K. H. Harms published in 1998. Department for Conservation, Baden-Württemberg. (German)
Floristic List of the Hamburg City Area - Species list with some additional information. Large file (720 kB). (German)

Flora: Switzerland
Swiss Web Flora - Distribution maps of the vascular plants of Switzerland («Floristic Mapping of Switzerland» 1967 - 1979 (Welten/Sutter) and successive projects). Biogeographic-statistical analyses (Wohlgemuth). Leaflets for Species Conservation (Käsermann and Moser 1999). Database of the floristic literature of Switzerland. Link collection. (English, French, German, Italian)
Centre of the Swiss Floristic Network - Databases and other ressources about the flora of Switzerland: extensive thesaurus (with trivial names in several languages), red data books (Landolt 1991), bibliography (1,300 titles), Leaflets for Species Conservation, Proceedings of Swiss Floristics, images of rare species. (French, German)

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