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Swiss National Forest Inventory - With the forest inventory state and changes of the Swiss forests are periodically recorded. The extensive data are the planning fundamentals for forestry but also contain a wealth of information on the forest as a habitat. Large website for experts and laymen. Carefully designed, rich contents, varied, and clearly structured. «forest walk» including the most abundant tree species of Switzerland (botanically very worthwile!), results data, publications, glossary, link collection. (French, German, Italian)
Plant Societies of Switzerland - Database including all forest societies of Switzerland. Characteristic species, indicator values, example occurrences, literature references. For experts. (German)
Forests of the Earth - (Materials for forestry.) Forest plants. Ecosystem forest (zonobiomes I - IX). Man and forest. Silviculture - Extensive overviews. Richly illustrated with pictures from scientific literature. Huge files (hardly manageable with modem access). By M. Payer. (German)
Forest Slope - a Green Maze - A collage of photos, paintings, quotes, informative and reflecting texts about the forest and its plants exemplified with a small, actual forest area (the «forest slope») on the author's doorstep. An incomparable website for the (probably) few who summon up the necessary time. (German)
Forest Dynamics - Research programme with several projects on significant forest changes in Switzerland. (German)
Forestry and Agriculture Switzerland - Data of the Federal Statistical Office on agriculture, forest, and wood in Switzerland. (English, French, German, Italian)
Ecosystem Forest - For laymen. (German)
Forestry - Ecological basics and forestry of the temperate zones. Course materials by M. Unger. (German)
Mountain Forest Project - The Mountain Forest Project «is committed to protecting the mountain forest from destruction». Project information. (English, German)

Forest: Link Collections, Search Engines, Portals
Information Forum Forestry and Timber Industry - Online information system for forestry in the German Agricultural Information Network (DAINet). Extensive database with (international) links. Only simple queries. Huge website with formal and desing flaws. (German)
ForestNet.de - «Search engine for all nature matters». Link collection on forest, wildlife, hunting, wood, nature conservation, and ecology. (German)
Link Directory of Forest and Wood - Extraordinarily complete list with about 250 links mainly about forestry and timber industry. (German)

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