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Fungi (Mycology)
Mycology Resources - Extensive link collection. Alphabetic main index and commented, thematical lists: collections, directories, discussions, general, genetics, guides, mushrooms, supplies, taxonomy, teaching. (English)
Fungi, Fungi - Fungi poisoning, books, scientific names, fungi stories, commented link collection (fungi images; general; genera, identification keys; regional matters, societies, associations; fungi cultivation, recipes, poisonous fungi; magic mushrooms; link pages), forum, gallery including 320 images. Large private site. (German)
Fungi - Good overview of mycology in Switzerland. Introduction to mycology. Books. Fungus protection. Societies and associations. Link collection. (German)
Mycorrhiza - The Symbiosis between Tree and Fungus - Interactive website (Flash, JavaScript, and text version) which gives an introduction to «mycorrhiza». Includes small glossary. (German)
Mycokey - Interactive identification key. (English)
Ecological Fungi Mapping - Project information of the «German Mycological Society». (German)
Fungi Mapping in Switzerland - Inventory project on the native mycoflora of the «Swiss Mycological Society». (German)
Fungi Images - Google Images - For those who do not want to browse just any fungi images but look for specific illustrations (e.g. for check-over) the Google image search engine is often a very fast option. Search is possible with scientific colloquial and scientific names. Name fragments (e.g. «bisporus») are often successful as well. (English)

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