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Gardening/Horticulture: Link Collections
Gardening Link Collection - Collection with more than 500 links. Preferably start with sitemap. Without charm. (German)
gardenweb.ch - Extraordinarily complete overview of websites of enterprises and institutions dealing with horticulture (market-gardens, florists, tree nurseries, landscape architects, education, clubs, botanical gardens, plants, journals, etc.). The links are uncommented but can be sorted according to subject or regions (cantons). (German)
garten.ch - 400 commented links about gardening and horticulture in Switzerland. Moreover, online shop for gardening books and overview of gardening TV programmes. (German)
GreenSearch - 500 commented links about gardening and horticulture in Switzerland. Well designed. (German)

Gardening/Horticulture: Journals
Swiss Garden - Gardening journal (monthly). Beautifully desinged website with small link collection. (German)
Horticulture - Professional journal for gardeners (monthly). Disscussion forum. Market (addresses and links). Archives with summaries of all issues since March 1998. Dossiers about certain topics. (German)
g' plus - Professional journal for gardeners, published by the Association of Swiss Gardeners (every two weeks) (German)
Gardening Practice - Plant journal of the publishing house Ulmer (monthly). (German)

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