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Geobotany, Plant Geography
Plant Distribution, Climate, and Earth History - Basics of chorology and floristic geobotany. Floristic regions of Europe and the world. Typical floristic elements and regions of Europe and its surrounding areas. Altitudinal zones and flora of the Alps. History of flora and vegetation. Course notes by C. Scheuer. (German)
Course Notes Geobotany - What is gebotany? Competition in plants. Site factors. Rhine and regulation. Forest. Spruce - fir. Synsystematics. Chorology. Historical geobotany. Moors. Recording by T. Model. Also available as ZIP file (118 kB) (German)
Cartographic Links for Botanists - Website with areal maps, cartographic software, etc. Extensive link collection by R. Lampinen. (English)
Forests of the Earth - (Materials for forestry.) Forest plants. Ecosystem forest (zonobiomes I - IX). Man and forest. Silviculture. - Extensive overviews. Richly illustrated with pictures from scientific literature. Huge files (hardly manageable with modem access). By M. Payer. (German)
Chorology of Endangered Vascular Plants - Chorology analysis and evaluation of relevance for protection of rare and endangered vascular plants in Germany. Examination of 1,225 species. Thesis of E. Welk. Also available as full text version (PDF, 9 MB). (German)

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