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Herbaria, Botanical Collections
Index Herbariorum - Database in the New York Botanical Garden (people, institutions, short description). (English)
Herbaria - Category «herbaria» in the Yahoo web directory. (English)
NatureWeb - NatureWeb is the Austrian networking initiative and service organization for scientific collections and distribution data. Meta data of Austrian herbaria. (German)
Instructions for Starting a Herbarium - Instructions for students. By M. Seyfried, Karlsruhe. (German)
Mosses - General introduction. Includes instructions in collecting and identifying mosses. M. Becker. (German)
Herbarium CD-ROM - (Name does not correspond with contents.) Illustrated database with 350 taxa of the Swiss flora. Learning matter for exam preparation for students of the Swiss Federal Institure of Technology. By M. Baltisberger, D. Frey. Mac/Win. (German)

Herbaria: Switzerland
Geneva - Herbarium of the conservatory and botanical garden of the City of Geneva. 5,500,000 specimens. (French)
Zurich - Herbarium of the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologe (ETH) Zurich. 3,000,000 specimens. Plant Collection Shows Interconnections (by P. K. Endress). (German)
Neuchâtel - Herbarium, University of Neuchâtel. (English, French)
Glarus - Herbarium Glaronese, Natural Scientific Society of the canton of Glarus (German)

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