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History of Botany: Overviews
Botany - History of a Science - A chapter of «Botany Online». Well readable introduction to the topic in several stages, from the first scientific statements up to the 19th century. (German)
History of Systematic Botany - Well documented overview in note form from the Classical World up to the present. With numerous links embedded into the text. By J. L. Reveal, Maryland. (English)
Xrefer - «The web's reference engine.» 50 lexica from six publishers with altogether 500,000 entries in full text. Among others with «A Dictionary of Scientists» (Oxford University Press). Fast and comfortable means of investigating biographical key features. (English)

History of Botany: Individual Epochs or Persons
The Garden of Charlemagne - With a documentation of the «Capitulare de Villis» of Charles the Great and the plants mentioned therin. (German)
Tabernaemontanus, 1625 - Texts and woodcuts from the herbal book by Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus (1625). (German)
Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777) - Website of the research project «Albrecht von Haller and the republic of scholarship in the 18th century» at the University of Berne. Clearly structured and taut documentation of personality, works, and working methods. (German)

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