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Identification Keys: Introductions
Identifying Plants - Lecture notes for the course by T. Wagner and U. Raeder. Neat and clear. Links to images faulty(?) at the moment. (German)
Mosses - General introduction, including instructions in identfying mosses. M. Becker. (German)
Vascular Plant Systematics Glossary - Functionally well structured glossary with search engine and good (but unnecessarily storage intensive) illustrations. (For modem users, it is recommended to directly switch to the search engine because the starting image alone is already 400 kB. (English)

Identification Keys: Individual Plant Groups
Cyperaceae Online - A learning environment on the internet with which one can identify sedges (Cyperaceae) and which at the same time gives an introduction to the technique of plant identification. Didactically, professionally, and organizationally exemplary. Includes species encyclopaedia, glossary, documentation, etc. (German)
Sedges and Rushes - Blueprint of an identification key for the non-flowering sedges, rushes, arrow grasses and pod-grasses of Switzerland (Cyperaceae, Juncaceae, Juncaginaceae, Scheuchzeriaceae). By U. Graf. (German)
Characeae in North Rhine-Westphalia - Identification key for the approx. 20 stoneworts in North Rhine-Westphalia. With neat line drawings for each species. By K. van de Weyer and U. Raabe. (German)
The Ferns of Westphalia - Glossary, identification key, red data books, indicator values, and illustrated species encyclopaedia. By H. Horstmann, H. Lienenbecker, and W. Vieth. (German)
Myosotis scorpioides s.l. - Key for the kin groups of M. scorpioides agg. in the German flora. By B. Dickoré. (German)
Flora and Vegetation of Tasmania - Including translation of the identification keys for ferns and seed plants from «The student's flora of Tasmania». By M. Magnes. (German)
Mycokey - Interactive identification key for fungi. (English)
Grasses - Interactive identification key for weedy grasses (USA). (English)

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