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General Image Collections Number Quality Size
Virtual Foliage - Extensive image collection without previews (!), primarily for university requirements (University of Wisconsin). Number of images: 4,000 vascular plants, 2,000 «General Botany», about 500 fungi, about 500 vegetation of Wisconsin, 100 dendrology. Good as far as the content is concerned, part. remarkable (among others micrographs). Technically varying, mostly satisfactory. File names are only accompanying information. Clumsy structure (nested indices). By M. Clayton. (English) 7,000 Quality  Size 
Botanical Image Database of the University of Basel - Image database with 4,300 plant images in screen size (600 800 pixels). Numerous thematic selection masks (including free text search) for flora, vegetation, biology, taxonomy, and morphology (including numerous macro shots). Accurate declarations of origin. (English, German) 4,300 Quality  Size 
Botanical Society of America Online Image Collection - Botanical image collection with about 800 images, each in medium (50 - 100 kB) and high (200 - 400 kB) resolution. Topics: geobotany, morphology, xylem, phloem, flower, lichens, crop plants, carnivores, organography, pollen, palaeobotany, defence mechanisms, anatomy, cell communication. (English) 800 Quality  Size 

Taxonomic Overviews Number Quality Size
CalPhotos - Containing 25,000 plant images (and 10,000 other photographs), these are the biggest non-commercial botanical image archives on the web. Well developped database with formal accompanying information. No textual comments. Images of generally usable quality, but neither sifted through (enormously many doubles!) nor sensibly edited. Focus: Californian wild flora (especially «beautiful flowers»). (English) 25,000 Quality  Size 
Plant Image Gallery - 3,600 plant images (without previews!), sorted according to families. Plants from Europa, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, and botanical gardens. Numerous macro shots. By T. Schöpke, University of Greifswald. (English, German) 3,600 Quality  Size 
Henriette's Herbal Homepage - Extensively branched out website about medicinal plants with texts, lists of synonyms, links, etc. plant images from Europe, USA, and Japan. (English) 2,800 Quality  Size 
Biofinder - Image Data Base - Images from 250 plant families. Current photographs and illustrations from old plates. By K. Stüber. (English) 2,000 Quality  Size 
Vascular Plant Family Access Page - Representative images for each vascular plant family. Probably the best image pool on the web regarding family characters. Many macro shots, mostly very sharp, but often harshly flashed and frequently (too) strongly digitally sharpened. Fat copyright note. By G. D. Carr, University of Hawaii. (English) 600 Quality  Size 
Photographs of Wild Plants - Clearly arranged site with a few hundred, mostly small wild plant images from Germany and North Western USA. Links to German plant image sites. By R. Flogaus-Faust. (German) 300 Quality  Size 

Individual Topics Number Quality Size
Crop Plants Image Archives - Image database with 7,500 images of 1,500 plant species. Numerous search categories (plant name, medicinal plant, nutrition, technical use, etc.). Many rarely depicted tropical plants. By B. Ernst. (German) 7,500 Quality  Size 
PalDat - Palynological database with 350 species. 2,000 scanning electron microscopic images of pollen in preview and screen size. Numerous search criteria, descriptions and literature references. Access only after online registration (simple and free). High-calibre photos. By R. Buchner and M. Weber, Vienna. (English) 2,000 Quality  Size 
Garden Impressions - Atmospheric images of garden plants, embedded in a tasteful private website. By M. Wiora. (German) 500 Quality  Size 
Poisonous Plants Database - Lavishly illustrated website with plenty of information about plants (and fungi) which can poison man and (domestic) animals. M. Furler, University of Zurich. (German) 250 Quality  Size 
Cyanobacterial Image Gallery - Micrographs, alphabetical according to genera, with or without previews. By M. Schneegurt. (English) 200 Quality  Size 

Historical Illustrations Number Quality Size
Tabernaemontanus, 1625 - Texts and woodcuts from the herbal book by Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus (1625). By R. Fischbacher. (German) 1,000 Quality  Size 
Lindman: Bilder ur Nordens Flora, 1917-1926 - 581 colour images (lithographs?) from the flora by Carl Axel Magnus Lindman. By J. Tufvessons (Project Runeberg). (Swedish) 581 Quality  Size 
Thomé, Flora of Germany, 1885 - 1905 - Thomé, Otto Wilhelm, Flora of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in words and pictures for school and home. 572 coloured plates in two resolutions each. Colour lithographs with habitus illustrations and detail pictures. By K. Stüber. (English) 572 Quality  Size 
Forest Flora of North-West and Central India, 1874 - Dietrich Brandis, Ph. D., Illustrations of the Forest Flora of North-West and Central India, 1874. 70 black-and-white plates in two resolutions each. Line drawings (copperplate engravings?), mainly woody plants. By K. Stüber. (English) 70 Quality  Size 

Mentioned in passing (number of images)
Nature and Photo Art (600), Botany in Pictures (600), Imagines plantarum (400), BioImages (400), Forest Slope (300), Pasture (150), Wildflower Photography (100), Japanese Woodcuts 1854 (36) (English, German)

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