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Botanical Link Collections
Internet Directory for Botany - Largest link collection, unfortunately not updated since December 1998. The links are dead to a great extent. (English)
www.biologe.de - Practically oriented link collection about the entire field of botany (school, university, profession). Considerable collection of course notes and school materials. Large link catalogue. (German)
www.biologie.de - Web portal for natural sciences with a link database. (German)
Information Centre Chemistry/Biology - Botany on the web for students and interested people: directories, data collections, teaching aids, plant anatomy and physiology, algae, vascular plants, gymnosperms, flowering plants, Arabidopsis. 280 commented links. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). (German)
Botany Online - The Internet Hypertextbook - Long commented link list. (German)
ETH Library - Link Collection Biology - Commented link list about: general biology; biochemistry, molecular and cell biology; biophysics; bioinformatics, biotechnology, genetics; microbiology, parasitology; botany, mycology; zoology; ecology; biogenesis, evolution. (German)
Plants for a Future - Links - Commented, extensive link collection about several fields of applied botany (crop plants, horticulture, agriculture, ethnobotany, pharmaceutical plants, etc.), among others a section databases, botany and photos. (English)
Garden Link Collection - More than 500 briefly commented links sorted in numerous thematic lists about the broader topic «garden - plant». Formal and design flaws. Qualitatively heterogeneous, but very extensive, varied, and well updated. (German)
Gardening/Botanical Link Collection - 200 uncommented, grouped links. By K. H. Knoch. (German)
WWW Virtual Library: Botany - Link collection of the University of Oklahoma, mainly university projects and institutions. Lots of materials, slightly confusing. (English)

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