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A Short Botanical Glossary - Brief explanations in note form. By J. Croft. (English)
About - Including botany. (English)
Adventive Species - Colloquium report (Braunschweig 2000). Includes bibliography of coenology and population biology of archaeophytes and neophytes. (German)
Agricultural Fallows - Influence of phytophagous insects on structure and dynamics of an agricultural fallow. Thesis by M. Schädler. Also available as full text version (PDF, 868 kB). (German)
Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777) - Website of the research project «Albrecht von Haller and the republic of scholarship in the 18th century» at the University of Berne. Clearly structured and taut documentation of personality, works, and working methods. (German)
Alternation of Generations of the Higher Terrestrial Plants - Course by Th. Stützel, including a portrayal of the ferns. (German)
American Fern Society - Access information. Short introduction with cladograms. (English)
Angiosperm Phylogeny Website - Reference site for classification by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG 1998). Introduction, dendrogram, orders and families, overview of characters, literature. Up-to-date, clearly structured, functionally on the highest level. By P. Stevens, Missouri. (English)
Antirrhinum - Snapdragon pollination. Some images of Antirrhinum pollinators. (English)
Arboreta and Botanical Gardens - Internet directory for botany. Comprehensive list, not updated since December 1998, therefore with numerous dead links. (English)
Aristolochia arborea - Life history and endangerment of a remarkable rain forest plant from Cenral America. (German)
Atlas Florae Europaeae - Project running since 1965 to map the European flora. Map examples. Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki. (English)
Australian New Crops Web Site - The «Listing of Useful Plants of the World» with a tremendous literature database on individual crop plant species is based on the «Biological Abstracts». About 250 «Australian New Crops Newsletters» are available in full text format. (English)
Austrian Moss Mapping - Part of the «Digital Flora of Salzburg». With distribution maps. (German)
Austrian Orchid Society - (German)
Austrian Woody Plants - Encyclopaedia with 160 native and naturalized species. Usability for gardening. By E. Herzog. (German)
Bauhinia - Register for the journal of the Botanical Society of Basel. (German)
Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server - Link collection for systematically and organismically interested zoologists and botanists. Varied and partly well organized, partly not. (English)
Biodiversity and Conservation - A hypertext book by Peter J. Bryant. Extensive. Design flaws. (English)
Biodiversity Conservation Information System - International umbrella organization. (English)
Biodiversity Informatics in Germany - Stocktaking and perspectives. By W. G. Berendsohn, C. Häuser, and K.-H. Lampe. (German)
Biofinder - Image Data Base - Images from 250 plant families. Current photographs and illustrations from old plates. By K. Stüber. (English)
Biological Flora - Directory of the species dealt with in the «Journal of Ecology». (English)
Biology 2000 - 2 CDs with numerous, unconnected textbooks and educational programs for offline use (with online extensions). Qualitatively heterogeneous. Non-profit project at an extremely low price. (mainly German)
Biology in Austria - University institutes. Extra-university research. Scientific societies, associations. Museums, zoos, nature parks. Authorities. Part of NatureWeb. (German)
BIOMAPS - Biodiversity mapping for protection and sustainable use of natural resources. Project of the University of Bonn directed by W. Barthlott. Methodical information. Global diversity map showing the number of vascular plant species per 10,000 km2. (English)
Biotope Mapping in Bavaria - Extensive, clearly presented meta data. Map examples. (German)
Blue Lists - A New Tool for Conservation and Restoration - Blue data books register (former) species of red data books whose populations could stabilize or which even increased in frequency. General introduction with case studies from Northern Switzerland. A. Gigon, R. Langenauer, C. Meier, B. Nievergelt. (English)
Botanical Classics on the Internet - Digitized books by Darwin, Geheeb, Haeckel, Köhler, Lindman, Mendel, Ralfs, Scheuchzer, and Thomé. (several)
Botanical Gardens - Google web directory. Long, but incomplete list of botanical gardens in the German-speaking area. (German)
Botanical Image Database of the University of Basel - Image database with 4,300 plant images in screen size (600 800 pixels). Numerous thematic selection masks (including free text search) for flora, vegetation, biology, taxonomy, and morphology (including numerous macro shots). Accurate declarations of origin. (English, German)
Botanical Online Information System Salzburg - Digital flora database for the state of Salzburg (Austria). Distribution maps and photos of higher plants in Salzburg. Moss distribution maps for Austria. Literature and link collection. (German)
Botanical Society of America Online Image Collection - Botanical image collection with about 800 images, each in medium (50 - 100 kB) and high (200 - 400 kB) resolution. Topics: geobotany, morphology, xylem, phloem, flower, lichens, crop plants, carnivores, organography, pollen, palaeobotany, defence mechanisms, anatomy, cell communication. (English)
Botanikus Poisonous Plants Database - About 140 species are presented in words and pictures. Lists including 50 particularly poisonous species and 20 poisonous indoor plants. The extensive image pages with berries and other fruits (sorted according to colours), which can be confused with each other, are a good identification help. (German)
Botanikus-CD - More than 1,000 plant images of native flowering plants, ornamental and crop plants. (German)
Botany - History of a Science - A chapter of «Botany Online». Well readable introduction to the topic in several stages, from the first scientific statements up to the 19th century. (German)
Botany and Vegetation Science - Focus: plant societies in the Rhine region. By J. Schmitz. (German)
Botany Online - Botanical textbook, originally in printed form, now as hypertext. Significantly developped further. (English, Geman)
Braintrack University Index - Links to 5,000 universities in 161 countries. (English)
California Exotic Pest Plant Council - Control and management of weeds, neophytes, and adventives in California. (English)
CalPhotos - Containing 25,000 plant images (and 10,000 other photographs), these are the biggest non-commercial botanical image archives on the web. Well developped database with formal accompanying information. No textual comments. Images of generally usable quality, but neither sifted through (enormously many doubles!) nor sensibly edited. Focus: Californian wild flora (especially «beautiful flowers»). (English)
Cartographic Links for Botanists - Website with areal maps, cartographic software, etc. Extensive link collection by R. Lampinen. (English)
Centre of the Swiss Floristic Network - Databases and other ressources about the flora of Switzerland: extensive thesaurus (with trivial names in several languages), red data books (Landolt 1991), bibliography (1,300 titles), Leaflets for Species Conservation, Proceedings of Swiss Floristics, images of rare species. (French, German)
Characeae in North Rhine-Westphalia - Identification key for the approx. 20 stoneworts in North Rhine-Westphalia. With neat line drawings for each species. By K. van de Weyer and U. Raabe. (German)
Checklist of British and Irish Bryophytes - Species list available as HTML or Excel table. M. Hill, British Bryological Society. (English)
Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps - Large, clearly structured link collection of the University of Stanford about vegetation maps on the internet, organized in the groups world, Africa, Arctic, Asia, Central America & West Indies, Europe, Indian Ocean, North America, Pacific und South America. By C. Englander und P. Hoehn. (English)
Chloroplasts - Chloroplasts as location of photosynthesis. Well presented short introduction. By F. Schönmann. (German)
Chorology of Endangered Vascular Plants - Chorology analysis and evaluation of relevance for protection of rare and endangered vascular plants in Germany. Examination of 1,225 species. Thesis of E. Welk. Also available as full text version (PDF, 9 MB). (German)
CIPRA International - The International Commission for the Protection of the Alps pleads for an improvement in cross-border exchange of experience and information in the Alpine region. Information on the Convention on the Alps. Carefully edited website. Large link collection. (French, German, Italian, Rhaeto-Romanic)
CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endagered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. (English, French, Spanish)
Classification of Flowering Plants - Classification according to: «The Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (1998): An ordinal classification for the families of flowering plants. - Ann. Missouri Bot. Garden 85: 531-553». Offers far less than the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website, but additionally an overview of different versions of the system. K. Bremer, B. Bremer, M. Thulin. (English)
Coastal Flooding Moor at the Greifswald Bodden - Landscape ecology and vegetation forms. By J. Tesmer. (German)
Cold-Hardy Tree Ferns - Outdoor culture of tree ferns: climatic conditions, winter shelter, illustrated species encyclopaedia. (English)
Complete Ibero-balearian Species List of Pteridophytes - Species list with short distribution information. (Spanish)
Conservation and Biodiversity: WWW Resources - Clearly structured, medium-sized link collection focus on botanical taxonomy. By K. Holsinger, Connecticut. (English)
Convention on Biological Diversity - Official website of the Rio Convention. At «Biodiversity Search» and «Related Websites» one can find efficient, highly specialized search engines. (English, French, Spanish)
Convergences of Cold-Adapted Plants - Plants of the arctic, antarctic and alpine floral regions. Short overview. (German)
CORINE - European biotope typology of the EU. (French)
Course in Plant Anatomy - At the end of the page, there is a link list about the topic. (German)
Course Notes Geobotany - What is gebotany? Competition in plants. Site factors. Rhine and regulation. Forest. Spruce - fir. Synsystematics. Chorology. Historical geobotany. Moors. Recording by T. Model. Also available as ZIP file (118 kB) (German)
CPC - Swiss Commission for the Conservation of Crop Plants. Project information. Databases. Links. (English, French, German, Italian)
Crop Plants Image Archives - Image database with 7,500 images of 1,500 plant species. Numerous search categories (plant name, medicinal plant, nutrition, technical use, etc.). Many rarely depicted tropical plants. By B. Ernst. (German)
Cumulative Glossary for Vascular Plants - Flora of New South Wales. Very similar (or identical?) to A Short Botanical Glossary. (English)
Cyanobacterial Image Gallery - Micrographs, alphabetical according to genera, with or without previews. By M. Schneegurt. (English)
Cyperaceae Online - A learning environment on the internet with which one can identify sedges (Cyperaceae) and which at the same time gives an introduction to the technique of plant identification. Didactically, professionally, and organizationally exemplary. Includes species encyclopaedia, glossary, documentation, etc. (German)
Dainet - «German Agricultural Information Network» of the Federal Agency for Consumer Protection, Nutrition, and Agriculture. Big web portal with a subject catalogue of information on nutritional science, agriculture, and forestry. (German)
Data Bases - List with about 100 uncommented links to botanical databases on the web. Part of «Botany Online». (English, German)
Database of Botanical Authors - Database of the authors in the voucher specimen catalogue of the herbaria of Harvard University. (English)
Database of European Forest and Vegetation Maps - Contains vegetation maps and information about several mapping projects. Clicking on «enter» in the search mask without any additional settings returns a complete list (240 entries). European Forest Institutes. (English)
Database of Plant Databases - List including about 150 databases of the International Organization for Plant Information. To a great extent, but not exclusively taxonomic and floristic topics. (English)
DELTA - DEscription Language for TAxonomy (for Win). Software and data format of the International Taxonomic Databases Working Group. (English)
Dendrology - Several course materials for forest botany. TU Munich. Only limited usability. (German)
Dictionary of Botanical Epithets - Precise etymologcial explanations of common species epithets. (English, Greek, Latin)
Digital Flora of Salzburg - Distribution maps of all vascular plants. (German)
Dioskorides - German translation of the five books about «pharmaceutics» by Dioskurides. (German)
Duties and Importance of Botanical Gardens - Lecture by D. Brandes, Braunschweig. Printed version with 24 colour images. PDF file. 3.2 MB. (German)
Ecological Fungi Mapping - Project information of the «German Mycological Society». (German)
Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland - With small link collection about national and international professional associations. (German)
Ecology WWW Page - Extensive ecological link collection by A. R. Brach (Missouri and Harvard). Alphabetic, uncommented. Mirror sites: Lyon, Harvard. (English)
Ecosystem Forest - For laymen. (German)
Electronic Sites of Leading Botany, Plant Biology and Science Journals - Link list with 350 botanical journals. Mainly information about access (publisher, table of contents). The list is steadily updated. (English)
Environment Databases on the Web - Programme overview and summaries of the workshop of the «Working Group Environment Databases» (10 and 11 June 1999, Karlsruhe(. For specialists. (German)
Environment Switzerland - Environment portal of the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape (SAEFL). Extensively branched out, heterogenous website (partly «upbeat», partly official). Not manageable even for experienced users. The full text search does not search the the whole internet offer of the Agency. The sitemap is incomplete. For scientifically interested visitors special fields might be recommended. Botanical topics mainly at nature and landscape. (English, French, German, Italian)
Environmental Eductaion in Switzerland - Varied, up-to-date informaton about institutions, events, contact persons, and media echo of environmental education in Switzerland. (French, German)
Epiphytes - PDF file (81 kb) including an overview article by P. Hietz: «Diversity and conservation of epiphytes in a changing environment». For scientifically interested readers. (English)
Epiphytic Lichens of Switzerland - Database and general information. Dated back to 1995. Ch. Scheidegger, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL). (English)
Erigeron canadensis - Horseweed. By M. Korn. (German)
ETH Library - Link Collection Biology - Commented link list about: general biology; biochemistry, molecular and cell biology; biophysics; bioinformatics, biotechnology, genetics; microbiology, parasitology; botany, mycology; zoology; ecology; biogenesis, evolution. (German)
European Weed Research Society - International organization for the promotion and coordination of weed research. (English)
Extended List of Botanical Terms in Alphabetic Order - Brief term explanations with etymological information. (English, Swedish)
Fascination Rain Forest - Well balanced and strikingly carefully edited website with basic information on «rain forest» and «tropics». Well imparts basic concepts. Manifold. Recommendable start into the topic for non-professionals. (German)
Federal Acency for the Environment (Germany) - Large web portal. Data and facts. Press reports. Publications. German Environment Index. Full text search. Links. Fast, ingenuous, clearly structured. (German)
Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (Germany) - Link collection including German federal environmental ministries. Clearly structured. (German)
Fern Identification Database - Database about British ferns. (English)
Ferns and Flowering Plants of Switzerland - Online version of the printed edition by E. Landolt (1991) on the website of the Centre of the Swiss Floristic Network. (French, German)
Ferns and Seed Plants of Baden-Württemberg - Red data books with annotations of individual kin groups. Th. Breunig and S. Demuth, Karlsruhe 2000. (German)
Ferns of Tasmania - Identification key, short diagnoses, distribution and stand information. Some illustrations. (German)
Ferns of the Canberra Region - Habitat conditions, descriptions, species list, images. Very carefully designed. (English)
Ferns of Westphalia - Glossary, identification key, red data books, indicator values, and illustrated species encyclopaedia. (German)
Ferns, Gymnosperms & Allied Groups - Glossary - Gymnosperm and fern glossary ot the «Flora of Australia». (English)
Flora and Vegetation of Tasmania - Including translation of the identification keys for ferns and seed plants from «The student's flora of Tasmania». By M. Magnes. (German)
Flora Europaea - Database in Edinburgh with 11,000 species (valid name, synonyms, brief distribution information). Functional, ingenuous. (English)
Flora Helvetica - Digital Swiss Flora. Mac/Win. (French, German)
FloraWeb - Data from the Federal Agency for Conservation (Germany) about wild plants and vegetation of Germany. Information and photos of wild plants, red data books, conservation, and plant communities. Large data compilation from different sources (without synthesis). Interface consistent, but extravagantly designed. Functionally quite limited and slow. (German)
FLOREIN - Interactive program for analysis of floristic data. (German)
Floristic List of Baden-Württemberg - List of the fern and seed plants. Full text version of the report (486 pp.) by K. P. Buttler and K. H. Harms published in 1998. Department for Conservation, Baden-Württemberg. (German)
Floristic List of the Hamburg City Area - Species list with some additional information. Large file (720 kB). (German)
Floristic Literature of Switzerland - Database of the «Swiss Web Flora» with 2,200 bibliographical references to floristics, plant geography, and vegetation of Switzerland and neighbouring regions. (English, French, German, Italian)
Forest & Tree Pathology - Extensive, comprehensive commented link collection within the «Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book» (see main menu, left border). Topics: Forest & Tree Pathology from A to Z, Gypsy Moth Pages. By T. Kraska, Bonn. (English)
Forest CH Interactive - Multimedia teaching program for schools on CD-ROM. (German)
Forest Dynamics - Research programme with several projects on significant forest changes in Switzerland. (German)
Forest Flora of North-West and Central India, 1874 - Dietrich Brandis, Ph. D., Illustrations of the Forest Flora of North-West and Central India, 1874. 70 black-and-white plates in two resolutions each. Line drawings (copperplate engravings?), mainly woody plants. By K. Stüber. (English)
Forest Slope - a Green Maze - A collage of photos, paintings, quotes, informative and reflecting texts about the forest and its plants exemplified with a small, actual forest area (the «forest slope») on the author's doorstep. An incomparable website for the (probably) few who summon up the necessary time. (German)
ForestNet.de - «Search engine for all nature matters». Link collection on forest, wildlife, hunting, wood, nature conservation, and ecology. (German)
Forestry - Ecological basics and forestry of the temperate zones. Course materials by M. Unger. (German)
Forestry and Agriculture Switzerland - Data of the Federal Statistical Office on agriculture, forest, and wood in Switzerland. (English, French, German, Italian)
Forestry Glossary - Brief expression definitions including information on French and English equivalents. Beautifully designed. (German, French, English)
Forests of the Earth - (Materials for forestry.) Forest plants. Ecosystem forest (zonobiomes I - IX). Man and forest. Silviculture - Extensive overviews. Richly illustrated with pictures from scientific literature. Huge files (hardly manageable with modem access). By M. Payer. (German)
Forum Biodiversity Switzerland - Concentrated overview of biodiversity issues in Switzerland (research, databases, collections, institutions). International network. Activities of the forum. (English)
Fraxinus - Manifold information on F. excelsior and F. ornus with numerous detail images (male, female, hermaphroditic flowers etc.). By E. Wallander. (English)
Fructus - Association for the conservation of the genetic variation of our native fruit species for future generations. (German)
Fungi - Good overview of mycology in Switzerland. Introduction to mycology. Books. Fungus protection. Societies and associations. Link collection. (German)
Fungi Images - Google Images - For those who do not want to browse just any fungi images but look for specific illustrations (e.g. for check-over) the Google image search engine is often a very fast option. Search is possible with scientific colloquial and scientific names. Name fragments (e.g. «bisporus») are often successful as well. (English)
Fungi Mapping in Switzerland - Inventory project on the native mycoflora of the «Swiss Mycological Society». (German)
Fungi of Australia - Glossary - Fungi glossary of the «Flora of Australia». (English)
Fungi of Switzerland - 1. Provisional red data book of the endangered higher fungi of Switzerland. 2. List including 229 rare, possibly threatened with extinction species fungus species of Switzerland. By B. Senn, Ch. Bieri, and R. Herzig. (German)
Fungi, Fungi - Fungi poisoning, books, scientific names, fungi stories, commented link collection (fungi images; general; genera, identification keys; regional matters, societies, associations; fungi cultivation, recipes, poisonous fungi; magic mushrooms; link pages), forum, gallery including 320 images. Large private site. (German)
g' plus - Professional journal for gardeners, published by the Association of Swiss Gardeners (every two weeks) (German)
Garden Impressions - Atmospheric images of garden plants, embedded in a tasteful private website. By M. Wiora. (German)
Garden Link Collection - More than 500 briefly commented links sorted in numerous thematic lists about the broader topic «garden - plant». Formal and design flaws. Qualitatively heterogeneous, but very extensive, varied, and well updated. (German)
Garden Web Glossary of Botanical Terms - Very fast database including 4,400 terms. Alphabetical, but no thematic list. (English)
Gardening Link Collection - Collection with more than 500 links. Preferably start with sitemap. Without charm. (German)
Gardening Practice - Plant journal of the publishing house Ulmer (monthly). (German)
Gardening/Botanical Link Collection - 200 uncommented, grouped links. By K. H. Knoch. (German)
gardenweb.ch - Extraordinarily complete overview of websites of enterprises and institutions dealing with horticulture (market-gardens, florists, tree nurseries, landscape architects, education, clubs, botanical gardens, plants, journals, etc.). The links are uncommented but can be sorted according to subject or regions (cantons). (German)
garten.ch - 400 commented links about gardening and horticulture in Switzerland. Moreover, online shop for gardening books and overview of gardening TV programmes. (German)
General Botany - Lavishly illustrated lecture at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Comprehensive. Design mediocre. (English)
Geneva - Herbarium of the conservatory and botanical garden of the City of Geneva. 5,500,000 specimens. (French)
German Agricultural Information Network - The Dainet catalogue with numerous subjects (botany, database retrieval, etc.) or free catalogue search supplies numerous, briefly commented links. Fast. (German)
German Dendrologic Society - General Information. Some publications in full text. Monograph holdings. Dendrological link collection. Clearly structured. (English, German)
German Orchid Society - (German)
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages - Voluminous herb plant encyclopaedia with botanical, chemical, language, and culinary information. Well illustrated and organized website. Founded on great practical experience with solid scientific basis. Extraordinarily well-informed. (English, German)
Glarus - Herbarium Glaronese, Natural Scientific Society of the canton of Glarus (German)
Global Biodiversity - BIOMAPS - Biodiversity Mapping for Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. By W. Barthlott und J. Mutke, Bonn. (English)
Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment - GMBA is a worldwide network for biodiversity research in mountains. (English)
Glossaries, Terms & Dictionaries - Commented link collection with references to 24 glossaries (mainly, but not exclusively phytopathology). Part of the «Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book». By T. Kraska, Bonn. (English)
Glossarium Polyglotum Bryologiae - Spanish glossary (focus on mosses) with taxonomic and general morphological expressions. Explanations in Spanish. (English, French, German, Latin, Spanish)
Glossary - The official dictionary for the flowering plants volumes of the «Flora of Australia». Alphabetical list including links to related expressions. Schematic drawings. (English)
Glossary for Landscape Gardening - Short, competent definitions, illustrated with small, but high-quality images. By R. Janaszek. (German)
Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology - A complete dictionary of palynology. All expressions with brief definitions, schematic drawings, bibliography, and cross-references. to synonyms or related terms. By P. Hoen. (English)
Google Web Directory - Thematically organized web directory with about 1,000 links in the section Ecology. (English)
Grasses - Interactive identification key for weedy grasses (USA). (English)
Greenpeace - (English)
GreenSearch - 500 commented links about gardening and horticulture in Switzerland. Well designed. (German)
Growth Factors and Plant Growth - 4 lessons in fertilizer usage for farmers. (German)
Growth Simulations - Interdisciplinary essay which illustrates and makes understandable growth processes and physical properties of grown objects with mathematical models. The chapter L-systems treats the organized growth of higher plants. In many respects remarkable website by P. Jossen and D. Eyer. (German)
Habitat Maps Switzerland - Far more than 100 digital habitat maps for Switzerland (and consequently for the Swiss alpine area) in a 1 km2 grid, which are based on areal statistics, vegetation mappings, and bioclimatic maps. (English, German)
Halophytes - Anatomical and physiological features of salt-tolerant plants. (German)
Hawaiian Alien Plant Studies - Includes long, illustrated list of pest plants of Hawaiian native ecosystems. (English)
HEAR - Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk Project. (English)
Henriette's Herbal Homepage - Extensively branched out website about medicinal plants with texts, lists of synonyms, links, etc. plant images from Europe, USA, and Japan. (English)
Heracleum mantegazzianum - Giant hogweed. By B. Bös. (German)
Herbaria - Category «herbaria» in the Yahoo web directory. (English)
Herbarium CD-ROM - Illustrated database with 350 taxa of the Swiss flora. Learning matter for exam preparation in systematic botany for students of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. By M. Baltisberger and D. Frey. Mac/Win. (German)
Herbarium CD-ROM - (Name does not correspond with contents.) Illustrated database with 350 taxa of the Swiss flora. Learning matter for exam preparation for students of the Swiss Federal Institure of Technology. By M. Baltisberger, D. Frey. Mac/Win. (German)
Herbarium Glaronese - CD-ROM with database containing the specimens of the herbarium of the Natural Scientific Society of the canton of Glarus. (German)
History of Systematic Botany - Well documented overview in note form from the Classical World up to the present. With numerous links embedded into the text. By J. L. Reveal, Maryland. (English)
Horticulture - Professional journal for gardeners (monthly). Disscussion forum. Market (addresses and links). Archives with summaries of all issues since March 1998. Dossiers about certain topics. (German)
Hypertext Dictionary - German-English dictionary for the online textbook «Botany Online». Not a real glossary, but an extensive bilingual registry (including plant names) which is linked to corresponding passages of the textbook. By P. von  Sengbusch et al. (English, German)
Identifying Plants - Lecture notes for the course by T. Wagner and U. Raeder, Technical University of Munich. Neat and clear. (German)
Impatiens glandulifera - Himalayan balsam. Workshop report by W. D. Riexinger. (German)
Index Herbariorum - Database in the New York Botanical Garden (people, institutions, short description). (English)
Index Nominum Genericorum (Plantarum) - Database of the genus names of all living and fossil plant groups. Also includes information about connections to higher taxonomic units. (English)
Information Centre Chemistry/Biology - Botany on the web for students and interested people: directories, data collections, teaching aids, plant anatomy and physiology, algae, vascular plants, gymnosperms, flowering plants, Arabidopsis. 280 commented links. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). (German)
Information Forum Forestry and Timber Industry - Online information system for forestry in the German Agricultural Information Network (DAINet). Extensive database with (international) links. Only simple queries. Huge website with formal and desing flaws. (German)
INKA - International mapping program (for Win). (German)
Insect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants - Updated full text version of the standard work published in 1976 (USDA AGRIC. Handbook 496. 411 pp.). Covers all major crop plants worldwide. By S. E. McGregor. (English)
Instructions for Starting a Herbarium - Instructions for students. By M. Seyfried, Karlsruhe. (German)
International Association for Plant Taxonomy - Information about the IAPT. The overview of running projects contains numerous links to online databases. (English)
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature - Saint Louis Code 1999 (2000). Full text HTML version. Text and appendices. (English)
Internet Directory for Botany - Largest link collection, unfortunately not updated since December 1998. The links are dead to a great extent. (English)
Juniper - Tree of the year 2002. Tree portrait with numerous aspects. (German)
Karger Media Center - CD-ROM online shop with extensive database and detailed information about each CD. (English, German)
Lüneburg Heath - Vegetation scientific and floristic description of a former tank training ground near Schneverdingen in the Lüneburg Heath with respect to heath regeneration (Calluna heath, in particular Agrostis capillaris stands). By. A. Oldmanns. (German)
Leonhard Fuchs - Stirpium historia, 1545. Contains mainly the hand-coloured woodcuts as 800 kB - 1 MB GIF files. (German, explanations in English, Latin)
Lichen Glossary - Lichen glossary of the «Flora of Australia». (English)
Life Science Dictionary - Extensive dictionary including numerous links to biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology, and genetics. BioTech, University of Texas. (English)
Lindman: Bilder ur Nordens Flora, 1917-1926 - 581 colour images (lithographs?) from the flora by Carl Axel Magnus Lindman. By J. Tufvessons (Project Runeberg). (Swedish)
Link Directory of Forest and Wood - Extraordinarily complete list with about 250 links mainly about forestry and timber industry. (German)
Links for Palaeobotanists - The only link one needs in palaeobotany. This extraordinarily rich website by K.-P. Kelber (University of Würzburg) offers eight large HTML files which contain everything relevant to palaeobotany on the web, moreover many links of general botanical interest. Those who find the abundance confusing can use the index on the first page. (English)
List of Biotopes - The «instructions for biotope cartography in Bavaria», contains short vegetation descriptions at «Alps - cartographical units». (German)
List of Comprehensive Autecological Accounts - Species list with direct links to databases and literature quotes. (English)
Literature about Swiss Vegetation - Literature database of «Pflanzengesellschaften der Schweiz». 1,400 titles. Comprehensive account of the contents. (German)
Literature Database Vegetation Ecology - 7,600 publications about the flora and vegetation of Central Europe. Fast database with numerous search options. D. Höppner (UB TU Braunschweig). (German)
Little Alpine Plant Guide - About 200 Alpine plants of the municipality of Ardez (Lower Engadin, Switzerland). Image database, searchable with name, family, flower type and colour. Each species shortly described and illustrated with a flower picture. (German)
Materials for Forestry - Forest plants. Ecosystem forest (zonobiomes I - IX). Man and forest. Silviculture. - Extensive overviews. Richly illustrated with pictures from scientific literature. Huge files (hardly manageable with modem access). By M. Payer. (German)
Metabolism Physiology of Plants - Extensive lecture postscript. (German)
Methods and rules for the classification of plants - Chapter «systematics and taxonomy» from the hyptertext textbook «Botany Online» (German)
Moors - Link collection by M. Trepl. (English)
Morphology, Anatomy, and Systematics of Higher Plants - Lecture by several lecturers of German universities. Morpholog: theory, axis, leaf, root, flower, fruit. Many sections still pending. As far as available: clearly structured, well planned, and well illustrated. Text in screen tolerant amounts. (German)
Mosses - General introduction to origin, life history, ecology, and systematics of mosses. Includes instructions in collecting and identifying mosses. Glossary. Links. M. Becker. (German)
Mosses of Hamburg - Continues the publication by Lütt et al. (1994) as internet file. The supplements by H. Baur and G. Baur (1998) are worked in. (German)
Mosses of the Former USSR - Contains the database which the «checklist of mosses of the former USSR» (Arctoa, vol. 1, 1992) by M. S. Ignatov is based on. (English)
Mountain Forest Project - The Mountain Forest Project «is committed to protecting the mountain forest from destruction». Project information. (English, German)
Mycokey - Interactive identification key for fungi. (English)
Mycology Resources - Extensive link collection. Alphabetic main index and commented, thematical lists: collections, directories, discussions, general, genetics, guides, mushrooms, supplies, taxonomy, teaching. (English)
Mycorrhiza - The Symbiosis between Tree and Fungus - Interactive website (Flash, JavaScript, and text version) which gives an introduction to «mycorrhiza». Includes small glossary. (German)
Myosotis scorpioides s.l. - Key for the kin groups of M. scorpioides agg. in the German flora. By B. Dickoré. (German)
NafaWeb (Germany) - Specialist nature conservation information on the world-wide web. Working aids for nature and landscape conservation. Big project involving several ministries. Full text versions of numerous reports, leaflets, lists, etc. Literature database nature conservation. Full text search. Glossary. (German)
National PLANTS Database - Website of the United States Department for Agriculture (USDA). Behind the chaotic surface (presumably) huge ressources are hidden. (English)
Nature and Landscape - Swiss Federal Agency for the Environement, Forests and Landscape. Website of the department «nature and landscape». Unfinished, with lots of bits and pieces. Tiring when searching for information. (English, French, German, Italian)
Nature and Landscape of the Region of Basel - Multimedia program with images and maps. Mac/Win. (German)
Nature Conservation Glossary - Carefully edited, alphabetical lists on biology (100), biotopes (10), law (10), and internet (10). By H.-J. Martin (German)
Nature Conservation Glossary - Part of NafaWeb (Baden-Württemberg). (German)
NatureWeb - Austrian networking initiative for scientific collections, distribution data, and mapping projects. Database with (Austrian) meta data.
Neophytes and Neozoa at and in Flowing Waters - Lecture by A. Altmaier (University of Bonn). (German)
Neophytes in Karlsruhe - Commented excursion report with a neophyte list. M. Seyfried (University of Karlsruhe). (German)
Neophytes/Neozoa - A dozen animal and plant species briefly introduced. (German)
Network of Alpine Reserves - Information about all (nature) reserves in the Alpine area. Structured link collection. (French, German, Italian, Slovenian)
Neuchâtel - Herbarium, University of Neuchâtel. (English, French)
Oekomedia - Literature database with ecological literature (largely daily press). (German)
On Lüdi's Trail - Vegetation dynamics at the glacier «Grosser Aletschgletscher»: illustrated introduction. Research project «vegetaion dynamics». History of the Villa Cassel. Literature. - Very tastefull design. (German)
On the Ecology of Deciduous and Mixed Forests - By M. Payer. (German)
Open Directory Project - Including botany, garden and plants, and agriculture and forestry. (German)
Orchid Mapping - Instructions for mapping work. Software INKA (international mapping program). Practical information on mapping work in (Northern) Greece. Forum. Big enthusiasm, design flaws. (German)
Orchids of Europe - Consistently organized image archives with more than 1,000 images of almost 200 European orchid species: normally developped plants (mainly flowers and inflorescences), structural anomalies, albinos, and hybrids. General part. Clearly designed. Image archives (based on PHP) sometimes very slow. By H. Zelesny und B. Wössner. (English, French, German)
Orchids Online - Images, descriptions, and cultivation instructions for tropical orchids. Very stylish. Commercial background. (German)
PalDat - Palynological database with 350 species. 2,000 scanning electron microscopic images of pollen in preview and screen size. Numerous search criteria, descriptions and literature references. Access only after online registration (simple and free). High-calibre photos. By R. Buchner and M. Weber, Vienna. (English)
Papaveraceae Leaves - Dissection of the marginal blastozone in Papaveraceae leaves. Small website which shows in animations worth seeing how a simple, undissected leaf becomes a multiply parted leaf. (English)
Papua New Guinea Orchid News - Descripton of all genera. Scientific drawings. Habitat and plant photos. (English)
Pasture Vegetation on Satellite Images - Phenology and vegetation structure of fallows and pastures as a basis for their recognition on satellite images. By S. Brozio, M. Glemnitz, and C. Prietzsch. (German)
Payer - Introduction to «tropical rain forest regions» (770 kB) and «tropical-subtropical seasonal rain forests and savannas» (500 kB). Compilation with numerous illustrations from various textbooks. (German)
Photobiology - Extensive, clearly designed lecture. Full text with separate illustrations. By D.-P. Häber, University of Nürnberg (German)
Photographs of Wild Plants - Clearly arranged site with a few hundred, mostly small wild plant images from Germany and North Western USA. Links to German plant image sites. By R. Flogaus-Faust. (German)
Photosynthesis Sites - Structured, uncommented link collection. (English)
Phyllotaxis - Phenomenon and modelling of living arrangements. By H. Hass. (German)
Plant Anatomy Laboratory - Captioned micrographs and comments from «Plant Anatomy» by J. D. Mauseth. (English)
Plant Damages and Plant Protection - Short, commented link list of the ETH library. (German)
Plant Distribution, Climate, and Earth History - Basics of chorology and floristic geobotany. Floristic regions of Europe and the world. Typical floristic elements and regions of Europe and its surrounding areas. Altitudinal zones and flora of the Alps. History of flora and vegetation. Course notes by C. Scheuer. (German)
Plant Image Atlas - About 1,000 images of altogether 300 pharmaceutic, crop, and poisonous plants, including some images of drugs. Pure image collection without accompanying information. No previews. Images qualitatively mediocre, but at least large enough. (German)
Plant Image Gallery - 3,600 plant images (without previews!), sorted according to families. Plants from Europa, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, and botanical gardens. Numerous macro shots. By T. Schöpke, University of Greifswald. (English, German)
Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book - Extensive, structured, and comprehensively commented link collection on plant pathology and applied entomology by T. Kraska, Bonn. (English)
Plant Physiology - Biology web site reference for students and teachers. Very large link collection. Thematically organized, but neither critically filtered neither commented. By K. House. (English)
Plant Physiology - Expressions - About thee dozen expression definitions. (German)
Plant Societies of Switzerland - Database complex about the vegtation of Switzerland including 2,400 species, 960 phytosociological units, 280 excursion regions, and 1,200 literature quotes. Unequalled is the complete recording of the phytosociological literature: for each title all syntaxa dealt with are referenced (including page number). By R. Pantke. (German)
Plant Taxonomy - Voluminous course notes of the systematics lecture by J. L. Reveal at the University of Maryland. The appendix inludes a tabular listing of the angiosperm families according to the systems of von Dahlgren, Cronquist, Reveal, Takhtajan und Thorne. With a concordance of family names. (English)
Plants for a Future - A wealth of information on applied botany, among other things a database containing 7,000 plant species with very sophisticated investigation possibilities. (English, Spanish)
Poison Emergency Call Berlin - Website of the advice centre for symptoms of poisoning. Useful emergency information (especially on poisoning of children). A lot of practical toxicological information. Information about poisonous plants and fungi unsatisfactory (images almost useless). (German)
Poisonous Plants - 170 poisonous wild and garden plants. One image per species as well as very brief notes about distribution, appearance, and effects of the poison (with structural formulae of the toxic compounds). Moreover, introductory texts and references to toxins. Design flaws. By B. Bös. (German)
Poisonous Plants Database for Veterinary Medecine - Illustrated website with various information about plants and fungi which can poison man and (domestic) animals. In case of emergencies suitable for first approximate orientation. Primary target group: veterinary surgeons. M. Furler, University of Zurich. (German)
Pollination Adaptations - A single page which explains plant pollination adaptations with a series of technically poor but thematically good images. By R. E. Koning. (English)
Pollination Home Page - Quite chaotic repository with miscellaneous materials about «pollination and pollinators». Extensive and, as regards content, in part remarkable images of (Northern American) flower visitors of partially incredibly poor quality. Obviously the only larger website about this subject. (English)
Pro Natura - Swiss nature conservation organization with 100,000 members. Documentation of own activities. Hardly any biological information. Some topics: forest, national park(s) and reserves, bear, lynx, wolf. (English, French, German, Italian)
Pro Specie Rara - Foundation for the conservation of the genetic and cultural heritage of animals and plants. (French, German)
Problematic Plants - Maintenance of unspoilt areas. Setting copy for a 4-page colour brochure of the Department for Nature Conservation of the canton of Zurich. PDF file, 3.8 MB! (German)
Protection and Cultivaton of Tropical Forests - Tropical forest report of the Federal Government (Germany). Focus on economic and political aspects. (German)
Railway Flora - A study from Upper Austria. M. Hohla. (German)
Red Data Book of the Mosses of Hamburg - Continues the publication by Lütt et al. (1994) as internet file. The supplements by H. Baur and G. Baur (1998) are worked in. (German)
Red Data Book of the Swiss Mosses - List of the extinct, threatened, endangered, and rare moss species (400 taxa). (French, German, Italian)
Red Data Books of Switzerland - Overview page of the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape. (English, French, German, Italian)
Red Data Books on CD-ROM - Nearly 1 million records about extinct, endangered, and not endangered animals, plants, plant communities, and biotopes in Central Europe. Regional and nationwide red and blue data books of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Southern Tyrol. Win. (German)
Release of Non-resident Plants - Development of evaluation criteria (project draft). Impatiens glandulifera, Prunus serotina, Robinia pseudoacacia. Link collection. By I. Kowarik. (German)
Revision Modules in Plant Anatomy - Illustrated revision course in plant anatomy. (Shoot apex and leaves, vascular and ground tissues, primary stems and variations in light harvesting structures.) With glossary. (English)
Rudbeckia, Oenothera, Linum - Nectar guides in Rudbeckia. Self-incompatibility in Oenothera and Linum. Course notes by S. Schulz. (German)
Sedges and Rushes - Blueprint of an identification key for the non-flowering sedges, rushes, arrow grasses and pod-grasses of Switzerland (Cyperaceae, Juncaceae, Juncaginaceae, Scheuchzeriaceae). By U. Graf. (German)
Seed Plant Designs - Course notes for «special botany» by N. Pütz, Vechta. Well readable text on descriptive morphology, illustrated with carefully digitized drawings from specialist literature. Images unfortunately directly embedded without previews (total size of all files 3.3 MB!). (German)
Senecio inaequidens - Two abstracts by D. Griese and D. Brandes. (German)
Species Lists Switzerland - Vascular Plants and Mosses - A database application for the «Swiss Botany CD '98» which easily enables searching for plant species and compiling of species lists of vascular plants and mosses of Switzerland. Comprises lots of data such as synonyms, ecological indicator values, endangerin according to red data book. Requirements: FileMaker 3 or higher (Mac or Win). U. Landergott, M. Lorez. (German)
Sphagnum - Peat mosses for beginners and professionals. Basics, morphology, life history, genetics, moors. (English, German)
Stüber Library - Three dozen botanical «classics» as full text version. (English, German)
Subject Area Botany - Efficient online catalogue of the university library of Kiel. Large, systematically arranged holdings of specialist literature. (German)
Swiss Alpine Research - Official site of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SAS) with events, publications, institutions, research programs and research projects. Database with full text search. (French, German)
Swiss Association of Fern Lovers - (German)
Swiss Botany CD - Scientific databases and texts. Mac/Win. (partially French, German)
Swiss Catalogue of Environmental Data Sources - The «CH-CDS» is a search system for environmental information in Switzerland. «Who has which information (data collections, documents, maps, projects, tools, stations)? In what format? Where is it available? How can it be accessed?» 3,700 data collections. 2,600 expert addresses. (English, French, German, Italian)
Swiss Commission for the Conservation of Wild Plants - Carefully edited, text-based website on botanical species conservation in Switzerland (with well embedded links). Own data: «species conservation projects», «Europe-wide endangered plant species in Switzerland», «seeds for ecological compensation areas», «ex situ cultivation». (English, French, German, Italian)
Swiss Dendrological Society - With «Arboretum Aubonne» and «Swiss Library for Dendrology». Links. (French, German)
Swiss Floristic Network - The chapter «Literature» includes an alphabetical list with 1,300 titles. (French, German)
Swiss Garden - Gardening journal (monthly). Beautifully desinged website with small link collection. (German)
Swiss Journal for Forestry - Registers 1937 - 2000. Database with about 5,000 bibliographical references. (Additional register for the period of 1850 - 1936 with 3,500 entries.) (German)
Swiss National Forest Inventory - With the forest inventory state and changes of the Swiss forests are periodically recorded. The extensive data are the planning fundamentals for forestry but also contain a wealth of information on the forest as a habitat. Large website for experts and laymen. Carefully designed, rich contents, varied, and clearly structured. «forest walk» including the most abundant tree species of Switzerland (botanically very worthwile!), results data, publications, glossary, link collection. (French, German, Italian)
Swiss Orchid Society - Includes several regional associations, among others Zurich and Basel. (English, French, German)
Swiss Web Flora - Distribution maps of the vascular plants of Switzerland («Floristic Mapping of Switzerland» 1967 - 1979 (Welten/Sutter) and successive projects). Biogeographic-statistical analyses (Wohlgemuth). Leaflets for Species Conservation (Käsermann and Moser 1999). Database of the floristic literature of Switzerland. Link collection. (English, French, German, Italian)
SysTax - Information system of botanical gardens at the University of Ulm. Database about plant holdings in botanical gardens (with 100,000 entries). Links to botanical gardens in Germany and worlwide. (German, English)
Systematics and Taxonomy - Methods and rules for the classification of plants. A chapter from the hyptertext book «Botany Online» by P. v. Sengbusch. (German)
Systematics Servers - Extraordinarily well organized link collection about the systematics of vascular plants including some valuable comments. K. Holsinger, Connecticut. (English)
Tabernaemontanus, 1625 - Texts and woodcuts from the herbal book by Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus (1625). By R. Fischbacher. (German)
The Families of Flowering Plants - Comprehensive description of all families of flowering plants based on the DELTA project. By L. Watson und M. J. Dallwitz. (English)
The Ferns of Westphalia - Glossary, identification key, red data books, indicator values, and illustrated species encyclopaedia. By H. Horstmann, H. Lienenbecker, and W. Vieth. (German)
The Flower - Pollinators, stimuli, rewards, flower types, mimicry, deceptive flowers. Well readable chapter from the course notes Seed Plant Designs by N. Pütz (Vechta). Mainly treats the botanical-morphological aspects of pollination biology. Probably the only website which coherently explains the corresponding basic concepts. Carefully digitized drawings from specialist literature. 220 kB. (German)
The Garden of Charlemagne - With a documentation of the «Capitulare de Villis» of Charles the Great and the plants mentioned therin. (German)
The Good Old CD-ROMs - Review by J. Combe on 11 CD-ROMs from the field nature - forest - environment. (French, German)
The Historic Tree Project - Extraordinary trees of the USA on an extraordinarily stylish website. By J. Krueger. (English)
The International Plant Name Index - This online database allows verifying the (formal) validity of plant names. It emerged from the Index Kewensis (1 million records, seed plants), the Gray Card Index (360,000 records, vascular plants of the New World), and the Australian Plant Names Index. A separate module contains detailed information on authors of plant names. (English)
The most common forest trees of Switzerland - Beautifully designed site inside the «Swiss National Forest Inventory» at the WSL (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research). With valuable information for laymen and experts. (German)
The Wild Orchids of the Region of Saint-Antonin - Illustrated overview of the roughly 40 wild orchid species of Saint-Antonin (Dép. Tarn-et-Garonne, SW France) in ecological order. (French)
The World Conservation Union - IUCN. (English)
The World's Most Endangered Bryophytes - A short list with the world's moss species most threatened with extinction. (English)
Thomé, Flora of Germany, 1885 - 1905 - Thomé, Otto Wilhelm, Flora of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in words and pictures for school and home. 572 coloured plates in two resolutions each. Colour lithographs with habitus illustrations and detail pictures. By K. Stüber. (English)
Tilia tomentosa - Bumblebee dying-off. By H. J. Martin. (German)
Timber Engineering - Illustrated timber dictionary. Practical technical information. (German)
Toposkop - Software package for illustrating object borders and data of national landscape and biotope inventories in Switzerland which are relevant to nature conservation (for Mac). Loads of inventory data. P. Longatti, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL). (German)
Tree Statics - Theoretical and practical information about tilting and breaking dangers of trees. Office for tree statics. (partially English, partially French, German, partially Spanish)
Tree Veterans - Witty website about old trees, lavishly illustrated. (German)
Tropical Crop Plants - CD-ROM of the botanical garden St. Gallen. (German)
Tropical Ecology Support Programme - Research project of the German Society for Technical Collaboration in the areas tropical forest research, tropical ecological research, and guaranteeing of reserves. (English, French, German, Spanish)
Universities in Germany - Links to about 300 universities, research institutes, advanced technical colleges, etc. (German)
Universities in Germany - General map. (German)
Vascular Plant Family Access Page - Representative images for each vascular plant family. Probably the best image pool on the web regarding family characters. Many macro shots, mostly very sharp, but often harshly flashed and frequently (too) strongly digitally sharpened. Fat copyright note. By G. D. Carr, University of Hawaii. (English)
Vascular Plant Systematics Glossary - Functionally well structured glossary with search engine and good (but unnecessarily storage intensive) illustrations. (For modem users, it is recommended to directly switch to the search engine because the starting image alone is already 400 kB. (English)
VEG and AUS - Statistical analysis of vegetation mappings (for Mac) by H. Märki. (German)
Vekuda - Vegetation scientific database (based on Access) by Ch. Thömle. Meta information, demo, supply source, prices. (German)
Virtual Botanical Reference Library - Comprehensive commented link collection of the library at the botanical garden and botanical museum Berlin-Dahlem, with references to numerous botanical databases. (English, German)
Virtual Foliage - Extensive image collection without previews (!), primarily for university requirements (University of Wisconsin). Number of images: 4,000 vascular plants, 2,000 «General Botany», about 500 fungi, about 500 vegetation of Wisconsin, 100 dendrology. Good as far as the content is concerned, part. remarkable (among others micrographs). Technically varying, mostly satisfactory. File names are only accompanying information. Clumsy structure (nested indices). By M. Clayton. (English)
Virtual Palaeobotany - Extensive palaeobotanical online textbook: plant structure, phylogenetics, fossils and preservation, early land plants, lycophytes, sphenopsids and ferns, origin of seed plants, Medullosa and cycads, Ginkgo, cordaites and conifers, glossopterids through anthyphytes, interpreting ancient climate, biogeography. (English)
Weeds - Hypermedia for plant protection. Database with 580 Western European weeds: seedlings and blooming plants, taxonomy, distribution, ecology. By J. Gasquez, Lyon. (English, French)
Weeds and Parasitic Plants - Extensive, comprehensive commented link collection within the «Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book» (see main menu, left border). Topics: weeds from A to Z, weed identification, pages for specific weeds, parasitic plants from A to Z, weed science societies. By T. Kraska, Bonn. (English)
What pollen is up to - About the sex life of plants (in «pollen allergy»). By D. Kunkel. (German)
Winplant - Illustrated plant database. Win. (German)
Wood Dictionary - Dictionary for the timber industry. Besides technical numerous morphological and wood anatomical terms. (German)
Wood diseases in words and pictures - Short, illustrated portraits of the most important diseases of about 30 coniferous trees, deciduous trees, shrubs, and dwarf shrubs. Forest botany, TU Munich. (German)
Wood Properties - Database with technical and anatomical properties of 500 kinds of wood. Partly very slow. TU Dresden. (German)
Working Group Native Orchids Baden-Würtemberg - (German)
Working Group Native Orchids Bavaria - (German)
Working Groups Native Orchids - With access information on related institutions. (German)
World Species List - Animals, plants, microbes. Links to species lists available in tabular form (no databases). Sorted according to several criteria (countries, taxa, endangering, etc.). Quite extensive, but incomplete. Focus on USA. (English)
World Wildlife Fund - International organization with national sections: Germany, Austria, Switzerland. (English, various)
Worldbiomes - The five most important large biotopes: water, desert, forest, grassland, tundra. (English)
Wyss & Leuenberger - Illustrated dictionary of wood types. (German)
Xrefer - «The web's reference engine.» 50 lexica from six publishers with altogether 500,000 entries in full text. Among others with «A Dictionary of Scientists» (Oxford University Press). Fast and comfortable means of investigating biographical key features. (English)
Zurich - Herbarium of the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologe (ETH) Zurich. 3,000,000 specimens. Plant Collection Shows Interconnections (by P. K. Endress). (German)
WWW Virtual Library: Botany - Link collection of the University of Oklahoma, mainly university projects and institutions. Lots of materials, slightly confusing. (English)
www.biologe.de - Practically oriented link collection about the entire field of botany (school, university, profession). Considerable collection of course notes and school materials. Large link catalogue. (German)
www.biologie.de - Web portal for natural sciences with a link database. (German)
Yahoo - Including botany and plants. (English)

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