Botanical Web Portal

NatureWeb - Austrian networking initiative for scientific collections, distribution data, and mapping projects. Database with (Austrian) meta data. (German)
Database of European Forest and Vegetation Maps - Contains vegetation maps and information about several mapping projects. Clicking on «enter» in the search mask without any additional settings returns a complete list (240 entries). European Forest Institutes. (English)
Global Biodiversity - BIOMAPS - Biodiversity Mapping for Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. By W. Barthlott und J. Mutke, Bonn. (English)

Mappings: Habitats
Habitat Maps Switzerland - Far more than 100 digital habitat maps for Switzerland in a 1 km2 grid which are based on areal statistics, vegetation mappings, and bioclimatic maps. (English, German)
Biotope Mapping in Bavaria - Extensive, clearly presented meta data. Map examples. (German)

Mappings: Flowering Plants
Atlas Florae Europaeae - Project running since 1965 to map the European flora. Map examples. Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki. (English)
Vascular Plants Database (Germany) - Collection and synthesis of distribution data of vascular plants in the individual federal states. Head office of the floristic mapping of Germany. With software FLOREIN and LITFAS. (German)
Swiss Web Flora - Distribution maps of the Swiss vascular plants («Floristic Mapping of Switzerland»). 2,600 distribution maps. (English, French, German, Italian)
Centre of the Swiss Floristic Network - Databases and other ressources about the Swiss flora. Among others mappings of rare species. (French, German)
Digital Flora of Salzburg - Distribution maps of all vascular plants. (German)
Orchid Mapping - Instructions for mapping work. (German)

Mappings: Mosses, Lichens, Fungi
Austrian Moss Mapping - Part of the «Digital Flora of Salzburg». With distribution maps. (German)
Fungi Mapping in Switzerland - Inventory project on the native mycoflora of the «Swiss Mycological Society». (German)
Ecological Fungi Mapping - Project information of the «German Mycological Society». (German)

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