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Morphology: Texts
Morphology, Anatomy, and Systematics of Higher Plants - Lecture by several lecturers of German universities. Morpholog: theory, axis, leaf, root, flower, fruit. Many sections still pending. As far as available: clearly structured, well planned, and well illustrated. Text in screen tolerant amounts. (German)
Seed Plant Designs - Course notes for «special botany» by N. Pütz, Vechta. Well readable text on descriptive morphology, illustrated with carefully digitized drawings from specialist literature. Images unfortunately directly embedded without previews (total size of all files 3.3 MB!). (German)
Phyllotaxis - Phenomenon and modelling of living arrangements. By H. Hass. (German)
Identifying Plants - Lecture notes for the course by T. Wagner and U. Raeder, Technical University of Munich. Neat and clear. (German)
General Botany - Lavishly illustrated lecture at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Comprehensive. Design mediocre. (English)
Growth Simulations - Interdisciplinary essay which illustrates and makes understandable growth processes and physical properties of grown objects with mathematical models. The chapter L-systems treats the organized growth of higher plants. In many respects remarkable website by P. Jossen and D. Eyer. (German)
Papaveraceae Leaves - Dissection of the marginal blastozone in Papaveraceae leaves. Small website which shows in animations worth seeing how a simple, undissected leaf becomes a multiply parted leaf. (English)

Morphology: Illustrations
Botanical Image Database of the University of Basel - 4,300 plant images, each in preview and screen size (600x800 pixels). At «advanced search» one can choose from the following categories: various growth habits, habitus, root, below-ground organs, stem, bark, crown, leaves, leaf nervation, inflorescences, flowers, fruits, seeds, seedlings. (English, German)
Botanical Society of America Online Image Collection - About 800 well documented images about plant geography, morphology, xylem, phloem, and flower development, lichens, crop plants, carnivorous plants, organography, pollen, palaeobotany, defence mechanisms, anatomy, and cell structures. (English)
PalDat - Palynological database with 350 species. 2,000 scanning electron microscopic images of pollen in preview and screen size. Numerous search criteria, descriptions and literature references. Access only after online registration (simple and free). High-calibre photos. By R. Buchner and M. Weber, Vienna. (English)

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