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Mosses (Bryology)
Mosses - General introduction to origin, life history, ecology, and systematics of mosses. Includes instructions in collecting and identifying mosses. Glossary. Links. M. Becker. (German)
Sphagnum - Peat mosses for beginners and professionals. Basics, morphology, life history, genetics, moors. (English, German)
Digital Flora of Salzburg - Among other things distribution maps of the moss mappings in Austria. (German)
Red Data Book of the Swiss Mosses - List of the extinct, threatened, endangered, and rare moss species (400 taxa). (French, German, Italian)
Red Data Book of the Mosses of Hamburg - Continues the publication by Lütt et al. (1994) as internet file. The supplements by H. Baur and G. Baur (1998) are worked in. (German)
Mosses of the Former USSR - Contains the database which the «checklist of mosses of the former USSR» (Arctoa, vol. 1, 1992) by M. S. Ignatov is based on. (English)
The World's Most Endangered Bryophytes - A short list with the world's moss species most threatened with extinction. (English)
Checklist of British and Irish Bryophytes - Species list available as HTML or Excel table. M. Hill, British Bryological Society. (English)

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