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Release of Non-resident Plants - Development of evaluation criteria (project draft). Impatiens glandulifera, Prunus serotina, Robinia pseudoacacia. Link collection. By I. Kowarik. (German)
Neophytes in Karlsruhe - Commented excursion report with a neophyte list. M. Seyfried (University of Karlsruhe). (German)
Neophytes and Neozoa at and in Flowing Waters - Lecture by A. Altmaier (University of Bonn). (German)
Problematic Plants - Maintenance of unspoilt areas. Setting copy for a 4-page colour brochure of the Department for Nature Conservation of the canton of Zurich. PDF file, 3.8 MB! (German)
Neophytes/Neozoa - A dozen animal and plant species briefly introduced. (German)
Railway Flora - A study from Upper Austria. M. Hohla. (German)
Adventive Species - Colloquium report (Braunschweig 2000). Includes bibliography of coenology and population biology of archaeophytes and neophytes. (German)

Neophytes: Individual Species
Heracleum mantegazzianum - Giant hogweed. By B. Bös. (German)
Impatiens glandulifera - Himalayan balsam. Workshop report by W. D. Riexinger. (German)
Erigeron canadensis - Horseweed. By M. Korn. (German)
Senecio inaequidens - Two abstracts by D. Griese and D. Brandes. (German)
Tilia tomentosa - Bumblebee dying-off. By H. J. Martin. (German)

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