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Orchids: Species, Images
Orchids of Europe - Consistently organized image archives with more than 1,000 images of almost 200 European orchid species: normally developped plants (mainly flowers and inflorescences), structural anomalies, albinos, and hybrids. General part. Clearly designed. Image archives (based on PHP) sometimes very slow. By H. Zelesny und B. Wössner. (English, French, German)
Orchids of Europe - Includes species list of all European countries. (English)
The Wild Orchids of the Region of Saint-Antonin - Illustrated overview of the roughly 40 wild orchid species of Saint-Antonin (Dép. Tarn-et-Garonne, SW France) in ecological order. (French)
Orchid Mapping - Instructions for mapping work. Software INKA (international mapping program). Practical information on mapping work in (Northern) Greece. Forum. Big enthusiasm, design flaws. (German)
Orchids Online - Images, descriptions, and cultivation instructions for tropical orchids. Very stylish. Commercial background. (German)

Orchis: Societies, Associations
German Orchid Society - (German)
Working Groups Native Orchids - With access information on related institutions. (German)
Working Group Native Orchids Baden-Würtemberg - (German)
Working Group Native Orchids Bavaria - (German)
Austrian Orchid Society - (German)
Swiss Orchid Society - Includes several regional associations, among others Zurich and Basel. (English, French, German)

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