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Plant Physiology
Photobiology - Extensive, clearly designed lecture. Full text with separate illustrations. By D.-P. Häber, University of Nürnberg (German)
Metabolism Physiology of Plants - Extensive lecture postscript. (German)
Botany Online - Hypertext textbook, includes chapters «molecules and molecular bioconversion in plant cells», «intracellular communication», and «interactions between plants and fungi, bacteria, and viruses». (English, German)
Plant Physiology - Expressions - About thee dozen expression definitions. (German)
Chloroplasts - Chloroplasts as location of photosynthesis. Well presented short introduction. By F. Schönmann. (German)
Halophytes - Anatomical and physiological features of salt-tolerant plants. (German)
Growth Factors and Plant Growth - 4 lessons in fertilizer usage for farmers. (German)

Plant Physiology: Link Collections
Plant Physiology - Biology web site reference for students and teachers. Very large link collection. Thematically organized, but neither critically filtered neither commented. By K. House. (English)
Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book - Extensive, structured, and comprehensively commented link collection on plant pathology and applied entomology by T. Kraska, Bonn. (English)
Photosynthesis Sites - Structured, uncommented link collection. (English)

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