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Poisonous Plants
Poisonous Plants Database for Veterinary Medecine - Illustrated website with various information about plants and fungi which can poison man and (domestic) animals. In case of emergencies suitable for first approximate orientation. Primary target group: veterinary surgeons. M. Furler, University of Zurich. (German)
Poison Emergency Call Berlin - Website of the advice centre for symptoms of poisoning. Useful emergency information (especially on poisoning of children). A lot of practical toxicological information. Information about poisonous plants and fungi unsatisfactory (images almost useless). (German)
Botanikus Poisonous Plants Database - About 140 species are presented in words and pictures. Lists including 50 particularly poisonous species and 20 poisonous indoor plants. The extensive image pages with berries and other fruits (sorted according to colours), which can be confused with each other, are a good identification help. (German)
Poisonous Plants - 170 poisonous wild and garden plants. One image per species as well as very brief notes about distribution, appearance, and effects of the poison (with structural formulae of the toxic compounds). Moreover, introductory texts and references to toxins. Design flaws. By B. Bös. (German)
Plant Image Atlas - About 1,000 images of altogether 300 pharmaceutic, crop, and poisonous plants, including some images of drugs. Pure image collection without accompanying information. No previews. Images qualitatively mediocre, but at least large enough. (German)

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