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Pollination Biology
In the field «pollination biology» the web is strikingly poor. It seems there is no really good overview which comes up with botanical and zoological aspects.
The Flower - Pollinators, stimuli, rewards, flower types, mimicry, deceptive flowers. Well readable chapter from the course notes Seed Plant Designs by N. Pütz (Vechta). Mainly treats the botanical-morphological aspects of pollination biology. Probably the only website which coherently explains the corresponding basic concepts. Carefully digitized drawings from specialist literature. 220 kB. (German)
Insect Pollination of Cultivated Crop Plants - Updated full text version of the standard work published in 1976 (USDA AGRIC. Handbook 496. 411 pp.). Covers all major crop plants worldwide. By S. E. McGregor. (English)
Pollination Home Page - Quite chaotic repository with miscellaneous materials about «pollination and pollinators». Extensive and, as regards content, in part remarkable images of (Northern American) flower visitors of partially incredibly poor quality. Obviously the only larger website about this subject. (English)
Botanical Image Database - In the special module «pollinators», 280 macro shots of flower visitors can be searched with botanical and zoological criteria. (English, German)
Pollination Adaptations - A single page which explains plant pollination adaptations with a series of technically poor but thematically good images. By R. E. Koning. (English)
What pollen is up to - About the sex life of plants (in «pollen allergy»). By D. Kunkel. (German)

Pollination Biology: Individual Taxa
Aristolochia arborea - Life history and endangerment of a remarkable rain forest plant from Cenral America. (German)
Rudbeckia, Oenothera, Linum - Nectar guides in Rudbeckia. Self-incompatibility in Oenothera and Linum. Course notes by S. Schulz. (German)
Fraxinus - Manifold information on F. excelsior and F. ornus with numerous detail images (male, female, hermaphroditic flowers etc.). By E. Wallander. (English)
Antirrhinum - Snapdragon pollination. Some images of Antirrhinum pollinators. (English)

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