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Software for Field Biologists
DELTA - DEscription Language for TAxonomy (for Win). Software and data format of the International Taxonomic Databases Working Group. (English)
Species Lists Switzerland - Vascular Plants and Mosses - A database application for the «Swiss Botany CD '98» which easily enables searching for plant species and compiling of species lists of vascular plants and mosses of Switzerland. Comprises lots of data such as synonyms, ecological indicator values, endangerin according to red data book. Requirements: FileMaker 3 or higher (Mac or Win). U. Landergott, M. Lorez. (German)
Toposkop - Software package for illustrating object borders and data of national landscape and biotope inventories in Switzerland which are relevant to nature conservation (for Mac). Loads of inventory data. P. Longatti, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL). (German)
VEG and AUS - Statistical analysis of vegetation mappings (for Mac) by H. Märki. (German)
INKA - International mapping program (for Win). (German)
FLOREIN - Interactive program for analysis of floristic data. (German)

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