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Taxonomy and Nomenclature: Texts
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature - Saint Louis Code 1999 (2000). Full text HTML version. Text and appendices. (English)
International Association for Plant Taxonomy - Information about the IAPT. The overview of running projects contains numerous links to online databases. (English)
Methods and rules for the classification of plants - Chapter «systematics and taxonomy» from the hyptertext textbook «Botany Online» (German)
Plant Taxonomy - Voluminous course notes by J. L. Reveal (Maryland) including a general part about basics of taxonomy. (English)

Taxonomy and Nomenclature: Databases
The International Plant Name Index - This online database allows verifying the (formal) validity of plant names. It emerged from the Index Kewensis (1 million records, seed plants), the Gray Card Index (360,000 records, vascular plants of the New World), and the Australian Plant Names Index. A separate module contains detailed information on authors of plant names. (English)
Index Nominum Genericorum (Plantarum) - Database of the genus names of all living and fossil plant groups. Also includes information about connections to higher taxonomic units. (English)
Database of Botanical Authors - Database of the authors in the voucher specimen catalogue of the herbaria of Harvard University. (English)

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