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Tropical Botany
Fascination Rain Forest - Well balanced and strikingly carefully edited website with basic information on «rain forest» and «tropics». Well imparts basic concepts. Manifold. Recommendable start into the topic for non-professionals. (German)
Payer - Introduction to «tropical rain forest regions» (770 kB) and «tropical-subtropical seasonal rain forests and savannas» (500 kB). Compilation with numerous illustrations from various textbooks. (German)
Protection and Cultivaton of Tropical Forests - Tropical forest report of the Federal Government (Germany). Focus on economic and political aspects. (German)
Epiphytes - PDF file (81 kb) including an overview article by P. Hietz: «Diversity and conservation of epiphytes in a changing environment». For scientifically interested readers. (English)
Papua New Guinea Orchid News - Descripton of all genera. Scientific drawings. Habitat and plant photos. (English)

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