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Plant Societies of Switzerland - Database complex about the vegtation of Switzerland including 2,400 species, 960 phytosociological units, 280 excursion regions, and 1,200 literature quotes. Unequalled is the complete recording of the phytosociological literature: for each title all syntaxa dealt with are referenced (including page number). By R. Pantke. (German)
Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps - Large, clearly structured link collection of the University of Stanford about vegetation maps on the internet, organized in the groups world, Africa, Arctic, Asia, Central America & West Indies, Europe, Indian Ocean, North America, Pacific und South America. By C. Englander und P. Hoehn. (English)
Materials for Forestry - Forest plants. Ecosystem forest (zonobiomes I - IX). Man and forest. Silviculture. - Extensive overviews. Richly illustrated with pictures from scientific literature. Huge files (hardly manageable with modem access). By M. Payer. (German)
Literature Database Vegetation Ecology - 7,600 publications about the flora and vegetation of Central Europe. Fast database with numerous search options. D. Höppner (UB TU Braunschweig). (German)
Botany and Vegetation Science - Focus: plant societies in the Rhine region. By J. Schmitz. (German)
Vekuda - Vegetation scientific database (based on Access) by Ch. Thömle. Meta information, demo, supply source, prices. (German)

Vegetation: Individual Topics
Pasture Vegetation on Satellite Images - Phenology and vegetation structure of fallows and pastures as a basis for their recognition on satellite images. By S. Brozio, M. Glemnitz, and C. Prietzsch. (German)
Moors - Link collection by M. Trepl. (English)

Vegetation: Individual Regions
Lüneburg Heath - Vegetation scientific and floristic description of a former tank training ground near Schneverdingen in the Lüneburg Heath with respect to heath regeneration (Calluna heath, in particular Agrostis capillaris stands). By. A. Oldmanns. (German)
On Lüdi's Trail - Vegetation dynamics at the glacier «Grosser Aletschgletscher»: illustrated introduction. Research project «vegetaion dynamics». History of the Villa Cassel. Literature. - Very tastefull design. (German)
Coastal Flooding Moor at the Greifswald Bodden - Landscape ecology and vegetation forms. By J. Tesmer. (German)

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