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Weed Research
Weeds and Parasitic Plants - Extensive, comprehensive commented link collection within the «Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book» (see main menu, left border). Topics: weeds from A to Z, weed identification, pages for specific weeds, parasitic plants from A to Z, weed science societies. By T. Kraska, Bonn. (English)
Weeds - Hypermedia for plant protection. Database with 580 Western European weeds: seedlings and blooming plants, taxonomy, distribution, ecology. By J. Gasquez, Lyon. (English, French)
Plant Damages and Plant Protection - Short, commented link list of the ETH library. (German)
European Weed Research Society - International organization for the promotion and coordination of weed research. (English)
California Exotic Pest Plant Council - Control and management of weeds, neophytes, and adventives in California. (English)
HEAR - Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk Project. (English)
Hawaiian Alien Plant Studies - Includes long, illustrated list of pest plants of Hawaiian native ecosystems. (English)

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